Discover the Annix Homes inclusions

  • Although our Lifestyle Inclusions is the entry-level range it is far from standard. You can choose colours, bricks, floor coverings to suit your personal style.

    Our Lifestyle inclusions has been carefully compiled to allow you to get the most from your new Annix home whilst still having money left over to enjoy life.

    Building a new home doesn’t have to be a painful wait but a unique and unforgettable experience. For this reason, you will be guided, advised and supported from start to finish by our team of experts.

    One thing to think about the way inclusions will affect your living in the long term. Some inclusions may be more difficult or almost impossible to install after the time of your build.

    At Annix Homes, we don’t just build houses. When working with us, you have the guarantee of having us by your side every step of the way.

  • From external bricks, floor textures and wall colours, to door handles and range hoods, you can touch and feel the quality of the inclusions in this range.

    Comprising of designer fixtures and premium fittings, Designer Inclusions are unique and distinctive.

    In fact, the endless list of decorative features and modern appointments provide deluxe upgrades to any single or double-storey home built by Annix Homes.

    Once you’ve decided on your house design, your personal Annix Homes interior design expert will walk you through every fixture and fitting to make your dream home one of a kind.

    With so many products to choose from, we are confident you will find the ones that are just right for you in our Designer Inclusions package. This way, the selection process will be much easier for you now with the help of a qualified Annix Homes Interior Design Consultant.

  • If you seek design sensibility and personalisation, then you will absolutely love our luxury inclusions.

    At Annix Homes, we believe in achievable yet affordable home luxuries.

    That is why we offer you a wide variety of modern Home, Pool and Landscape designs. ‘Build Beautiful and receive complete convenience’ - a philosophy that honours you, your home and your surrounds.

    Luxury Inclusions, our most opulent package, will achieve perfection in design by adding a distinguished and elegant finish to your Annix Homes single or double storey home. Lavishly sprawled throughout contemporary living areas and open-plan design, Luxury Inclusions are beautiful and refined.

    Whether you choose Lifestyle Inclusions, unique Designer Inclusions or add a touch of grandeur with our Luxury Inclusions, our experts at Annix Homes will facilitate the process and make your dream home a reality.

Your home is more than just a place. It is where you live, you love, you laugh and share precious moments with your dear ones.

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