Bayside 202

Bayside 202

Floor Plans

Bayside 202

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

This design is based on the Bayside 202 Facade 2, floorplans may be different to your chosen design.

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BAYSIDE 176 - Facade 1
BAYSIDE 176 - Facade 3
BAYSIDE 176 - Facade 4


While the Bayside 202 home design offers a large dinning, kitchen and living area, with plenty of room for the whole family.

The spacious kitchen opening out onto the living and dining area, with attached patio make this space a convenient centre for catering to the everyday busy family through to entertaining a larger gathering for a BBQ.

The master bedroom of Bayside 202 treats homeowners to extravagance with a splendid ensuite.

More Details

House Length 20.71m
House Width 12.48m
Living 144.1m2
Patio 13.3m2
Garage 40.5m2
Porch 4.6m2

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