Shelly 184

Shelly 184

Floor Plans

Shelly 184

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

This design is based on the Shelly 184 Facade 3, floorplans may be different to your chosen design.

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ASR2 - Shelly Facade 3
ASR2 - Shelly Facade 1
ASR2 - Shelly Facade 2


The Shelley 184 designs boasts comfort and space for any size family! With an open area design that connects kitchen and living area, this design provides the best of both worlds- a great home for entertaining, or practical spaces for when you need to work or escape to refresh your soul.

More Details

House Length 24.41m
House Width 8.97m
Living 124.6m2
Patio 11.2m2
Garage 40.5m2
Porch 6.2m2

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