Thornton 208

Thornton 208

Floor Plans

Thornton 208

4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

This design is based on the Thornton 208 Facade 1, floorplans may be different to your chosen design.

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CSA2 - THORNTON 208 - Facade 1
CSA2 - THORNTON 208 - Facade 2
CSA2 - THORNTON 208 - Facade 3


Thornton 208 provides for the best of both worlds, an entertaining extraordinaire where your guests can be pampered to with ease, or when you need to have those quieter moments, the Thornton designs are the perfect home that can also provide an oasis of calm.

More Details

House Length 21.4m
House Width 11.5m
Living 148.4m2
Patio 14.8m2
Garage 39.9m2
Porch 5.6m2

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